Provide immediate credits up to € 400

Dispon is an entity of fast mini-credits that recently makes its appearance in the Spanish market increasing the available offer and competition, benefiting the user, who is getting better conditions and new offers every time. It is a firm belonging to the British group Primrose Partners Limited and acting under the name of Dispon.

Dispon offers urgent loans of up to 400 euros to repay up to 33 days. You can request the money at any time of the day, every day of the week. The answer will arrive in less than 10 minutes if you have completed all the necessary information. If it is affirmative and your credit has been approved, you will receive the money in less than one hour if your bank is one of those used by Dispon: Santander, Cajamar, La Caixa, Sabadell or BBVA.

You can use the money in what you need most, without giving explanations and with total confidentiality. This type of quick financing in the short term serves for special situations in which you do not have money to face an unforeseen payment such as a fine or a receipt of taxes or to make purchases at the end of the month, using it as an advance payment of the next salary.

He currently has an offer in which the first loan is free, as long as you return it in the first 10 days. Take advantage of it!

Steps to request a loan in Dispon



To request a mini-credit with Dispon you will have to access the Dispon website since the system is 100% online through the Internet, there are no questions and it is a loan without paperwork. Once on the web, you must choose the amount of urgent money you need and the return period. On the screen, you will see the exact day when you must return the quick credit and also the total amount to be returned (with interest included) if you are satisfied with the conditions to click on the ” request now ” button to finalize the request. Remember that if you return the loan before 10 days is completely free.

The next step is to fill in the application form of your web page with your data. You will not have to carry out any paperwork or send documentation, except in exceptional cases. The refund is made in a maximum of 33 days, but you can request extensions if you see that you will not have the money on time, always contacting the entity in advance.

To return the money you have several options. You can make an income or a transfer to any of the accounts of the firm, always indicating your name and ID to know the owner. You can also order a charge to your debit card by indicating it previously.

How long does it take to receive the money?

How long does it take to receive the money?

New customers are slow to complete the online application between 3 and 4 minutes and the response takes a maximum of 10 minutes. If Pronto’s quick credit has been approved, the money is transferred to your account automatically and without waiting as soon as you accept the conditions, after approval.

People who are already customers and have already returned some of the Dispon mini-loans without problems or delays, simply request the money through the private client area and transfer them immediately without waiting, without papers and without any kind of study.

Fast loan repayment

Fast loan repayment

Dispon does not directly collect the loan, it is the client who must take charge of returning the money. Dispatch informs the client about the deadline to make the return and it is the client who must access the web page of Dispon and from the private area pay the credit either with a credit card or by making an income or transfer to one of the current accounts of Dispon.

Advantages of the online mini-credits of Dispon

Advantages of the online mini-credits of Dispon


One of the main advantages of Dispon is that you can get the money even if you do not have a payroll. No matter what your employment situation is, whether you are an employee, unemployed, self-employed, student, pensioner or housewife, you can get a loan for whatever you want.

Another advantage is that you can advance the payment of the loan saving costs, and in the case of returning the money before 10 days the credit is free because you return the same amount you have requested without interest or commissions.

The requirements to get a mini credit with Dispon are very few. You must have reached the age of 18 and have your legal residence in Spain. You must provide a checking account in your name and an associated debit card, as well as a mobile phone and an e-mail address. The only restriction is that you can not have any active notes in the Asnef record of defaulters, otherwise your request will be automatically denied.

Remember that this type of quick financing should be used sparingly and only in cases of need where we can not get the money otherwise since the fees paid for the service represent a significant outlay. In addition, if you can not pay within the term you will have a penalty for late payment and surcharges depending on the time you take to pay off your debt, which can end up paying much more than you thought.

Latest Opinions by Dispon

I have tried Pronto’s quick loans, although I gave them back in more than 10 days and I could not prove if they are free. However, a friend did return his first loan in 10 fair days and did not have to pay interest or expenses. He only returned the same amount of money that they lent him, which I think was 200 euros. 

Therefore, if the offer of the first loan without interest is real if it is returned in 10 days or less. Permanent link to opinion Javi All are good words but in the end, they are like they have denied me the credit. On their website, they say that it is not necessary to have payroll and that they provide unemployed with benefits. I am unemployed and they have denied me the credit without giving me any explanation. Permanent link to opinion Busconomic Hello Doubting,
we have not asked for any credit but the information provided by the company ensures that returning the money within 10 days you are not charged interest or expenses, you must return exactly the same amount that you have borrowed.
Anyway, you can contact them, the phone number is 912204903 Permanent link to opinion doubting I need money urgently for a few days, about 300 euros. I have seen that if the credit is returned before 10 days it is free. If someone has asked for a loan from this company can you tell me if it really comes free, I would not like to take a surprise with this?
I would need the urgent response. Thank you.